The 3 Peaks Challenge

Most weeks, we have people staying with us who attempt the Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks Challenge. Within the last year we have had people who’s ages range between 7 and 70, and although its a hard walk everyone would agree that it was a great challenge. Officially you are expected to complete the challenge within 12 hours, but many people choose to do it over 3 days or even the week.

Useful to Know :

Why Ingleton? The three peaks challenge is 23.5 miles long so as you can imagine there are numerous villages where you can stay. Unlike most villages, however, Ingleton offers variety of shops, pubs, restaurants, take-aways, a seasonal swimming pool, and climbing walls (after all you are on holiday). Ingleton is just a short drive from the start of the challenge and you can view Ingleborough (3rd peak of the challenge) from most cottages.

Laundry with Drying facilities plus a Maiden and Utility room in each cottage.

3 Peaks maps, information and friendly advice from people with years of experience. A bit nervous? Don’t be, we can set your mind at ease.

Just a short drive to the official start in Horton in Ribblesdale.

Free WiFi internet throughout all the cottages available to all, great for checking last minute weather conditions.

People inquire if they can book a two night break for the 3 Peaks Challenge as they need to be back in work Monday morning, unfortunately its not financially viable for us to do this. Booking our three night break means you do not have to jump (if only) out of bed Sunday morning to vacate the cottage before 10am, you can have that well earned lie in, then eventually go and enjoy breakfast, or brunch (depending on how much of a lie-in your body may want/need). Enjoy Ingleton and the surrounding area with lots of wonderful places to eat out for the rest of the day and head of home late afternoon or early evening when your feeling much more relaxed and rested. Booking the three night break will mean you can also pick the best day for the challenge unless you’re with an organised group (then you will need that lie in). Also depending on the time of year, it could still only cost you from £16.75 per person per night. You will pay more in a youth hostel and all the local B&Bs, but here at Beechtree Cottages apart from, log burning fires, drying rooms, and everything you need to make it home from home, we understand what you will be putting yourselves through (been there done it and got the T-shirt) and promise not to laugh when you hobble across the car park on your departure, honest!!!!

Please note that Everyone without exception attempting The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Walk should be fully prepared and equipped for this demanding outdoor challenge. Please take a card from our office with the local mountain rescue contact numbers and always check the weather reports (remember there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing).